Frequently Asked Questions

How do I price my books?

Some books are easy: I’ve sold enough copies of Hawley’s Japanese Swordsmiths Revised in the last few years to know a fair price, but most of the books I get in are one of a kind for me and I have to research their values.  I usually check the other online Nihonto book sellers and do a google search of the title, and note the prices of all copies I find for sale.  With rare exceptions I set my price less than the lowest price I find.  It’s great to have this amazing library but I need to sell books.

Do I offer discounts for members of Nihonto Message Board or other sword study groups?

Consider my answer to the 1st question above, and consider also that I try to be fair to the people from whom I buy these books, and you’ll understand that my margin for profit is small and that I have to be careful with discounts. Doesn’t hurt to ask, though. Let me know what you have in mind; I’ll tell you what I can do.

What types of payments do I accept?

Checks (personal & bank), money orders, and Paypal mostly. Bank wire transfer and Western Union work for me also, but I’m not set up for credit cards as yet. About Paypal: friends & family payments are wonderful and much appreciated; they don’t cost me a cent. If you live in The States they don’t cost you anything either. If you live outside the US your fee for friends & family will be tiny and I’ll make it up with a discount; please ask.

To set up friends & family payments on Paypal (note: not available in all countries) you’ll have to link a bank account to your Paypal account: Log onto Paypal, click on Help, scroll down and click on Contact Us, click on Account Profile and Setup, click on Bank Account, click on Link & Confirm, and the next page willl talk you through it. I remember it being quick and easy.


I ship with the post office unless you request something else; I find their prices to be lowest and I get good service from them. Books shipped within the US will go by media rate post; it is by far the least expensive option. Shipping outside the US up to 4 pounds or $400 declared value can be either 1st class or priority, although 1st class will be uninsured; I will tell you what your options are. Beyond those limits priority is your only option. For swords and valuable kodogu within The States, I like registered mail; it can’t get lost and usually costs less with insurance than less safe options. If you purchase something from my site I will pack it well and ship quickly, usually by the next business day. I will charge you only what shipping costs me; there is no service fee.

Do I accept trades and lay-away (hold for delayed payment) plans?

Yes. Tell me what you have in mind and I’ll try hard to make it work.

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