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Hello, and thanks for stopping. My name is Grey Doffin. I live in northern Minnesota, USA and for a long time I’ve been interested in Japanese swords and the related arts. This website is a logical extension of a hobby that got out of control.

I sell Japanese swords and fittings, and I have a ton or two of books on the subject. If you’ve been trying to add to your library you know how difficult it is to find good books at reasonable prices (or even at unreasonable prices). I’m hoping always to have a great selection of books and I’m trying hard to have the lowest prices.  Read More…

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If you enquire about an item and receive at most an automated response, not an email from me answering your question, please email me direct: gdoffin at I may not have received your enquiry (I may have a glitch in the system). I’m usually (almost always) very quick to answer messages if I receive them.
Thanks, Grey.
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I buy Japanese swords, sword fittings, and books.

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