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If you enquire about an item and receive at most an automated response, not an email from me answering your question, please email me directly: I may not have received your inquiry (I may have a glitch in the system). I’m usually (almost always) very quick to answer messages if I receive them.

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Japanese Sword Books and Tsuba. Tons of great books, many of them important references, and more coming in all the time. Many tsuba and other kodogu, and swords. Welcome to my site.

October 2020.

I’ve recently lowered a bunch of prices on tsuba and kodogu, including 4 very fine pieces by inportant smiths. See F205, F206, F207, & F209. I’ve been listing many fine and finely mounted swords lately. When I list swords I use Japanese terminology, primarily because there aren’t any English words for most of it. If you are relatively new to Nihonto or otherwise confused by my descriptions, feel free to contact me (call if you live in The States or email if elsewhere) and I will cheerfully talk you through it.

About book availability and prices.

If you scroll down to the bottom of my book list, past current in stock items, you’ll find books marked, “Sold but Available.” I often can get other copies of these books and it used to be that the other copy cost less than the sold copy did; not so much any more. As I have been lowering prices I have taken many of them below my replacement cost. Just today a customer asked for one of the sold but available books. It was hardbound with slipcase from the Sano Museum in Japan, priced on my site at $80. Best I could find for him was a softbound copy for $180. See something interesting that has sold? Ask me about it and I’ll tell you what I can do. Even if it’s a book I’ve never sold; chances are good I can find it for you. But don’t be surprised if you wish you had bought the copy on my site that cost less Don’t overlook the button for Tsuba & Kodogu Over $1,000. Some really fine pieces there, including a 1st rate Kenjo tsuba that I’m quite proud of.

I need inventory; I’m looking for books, swords, and fittings. Take a look at your bookshelf. Is there a book you haven’t opened in years? Maybe there are some tsuba you’d like to turn into cash so you can buy something special. Whatever; if you have something to sell I’m interested. perhaps there’s something on my site you’d like to own and we can work a trade. I also take quality items on consignment. Talk to me.

Along those lines, I’m trying to put together a complete set of the NBTHK’s English edition of “Token Bijutsu”. If you have loose issues you no longer need, I want them.

This just in from a customer: “Second package came in today. Looks like it’s been to hell and back but books are perfect. Your packing is really some of the best I’ve ever seen, I wish more people cared about that.” Thank you; I try.

I’ve had this site for nearly 10 years now and you folks have been wonderful to deal with. I’ve had no problems I didn’t create myself. My customers are the greatest;

Thank you, Grey

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