B934. Tagane no Hana, 6 volumes by Toshimo Mitsumura


B934.  Tagane no Hana by Toshimo Mitsumura.  1971.  Clothbound tied binding in 6 volumes with cardboard slipcases (only 1 slipcase is pictured but all 6 are here).  The books are 12 x 15 3/4″, pages aren’t numbered but it looks like about 200 pages each volume in Japanese, and the pages have gilt edges.  Tagane no Hana (Flower of the Chisel) was originally published in 1903.  This is one of 2 later editions,which was published as 4 volumes originally and then 2 supplemental volumes were added.  This is only the 4th time I’ve had this book and the 2nd time with all 6 volumes; they don’t often appear for sale.  Thousands of pieces: tsuba,  fuchi/kashira, kogai, kotsuka, menuki, and others are included.  Pretty impressive reference.  Each page of photos is overlain by a translucent page with the descriptions (one of the supplements has the translucent page without descriptions).

The cardboard slipcases have a ding here and there (nothing even close to serious problem); the books are in excellent, like new condition.  These books are with a trusted consignor to my site; she will ship from the US and my usual guarantee applies. Due to the weight they will, most likely, be mailed in 2 boxes and would be expensive post outside the US.  51 pounds, 6 ounces.  $695.