T529. 4th Jingo Iron Tsuba


T529.  Iron tsuba with gold and silver inlay. 7.5 x 8 x .4 cm. The nakago hitsu-ana is .85 x 2.8 cm. I bought this tsuba from a serious collector of Higo tsuba; he gives it to the 4th Jingo master. I asked him why and his answer is:

Popular design in Jingo but cedar fence design faintly seen on the mimi didnt really become popular until 4th / 5th Jingo. The work is very similar to 3rd master but two things suggest 4th master – firstly the lack of artificial pitting and secondly the fourth master’s gold inlay is always very patchy so he either wasn’t so good at applying or he aged it aggressively (which is just as probable)  so this means it’s not 5th jingo (also the nakago ana shape is not 5th master and the mimi edge is also not his style). At first I thought it might be third master as there are lots of points to suggest this, however I think far more likely 4th due to points above.

He knows a lot more than I do so we’ll go with that. The cedar fence design on the mimi is very faint (you might not notice it if it wasn’t pointed out) but it is there: interesting treatment. Condition is excellent. Was $925, now $825.