Q766. Better Than Average Namban Tsuba


Q766. Namban tsuba. 7.2 x 7.4 x .55 cm. The nakago hitsu-ana is .7 x 2.6 cm. Nunome zogan gold dragons chase the flaming jewel, which is pretty standard for Namban tsuba. The quality of the work, however, exceeds the standard for these pieces. The nunome is thicker than I’m used to seeing, and the under cutting and piercing, including the rim which is pierced front to back and from the edge inward, go beyond. Every where I look I find something fine. One of the 4 shakudo plug plates in the ryo-hitsu is missing. This must have been in a large collection, most likely in a museum: witness the number painted on the seppa-dai. Excellent condition. Was $350, now $275.