Q186. Shakudo & Gold Menuki of Flower Sellers. Waki Goto


Q186. Flower seller menuki. These are 2.4 & 2.6 cm long. This set comes in a box with an inscription on the lid and inside is a sheet of paper: a copy of some dealer’s listing. Marcus Sesko translated them for me:

Q186 Inscription on box:
Hanauri no zu
Motif of flower vendor
Q186 Text:
Menuki, unsigned: Waki-Gotō
Motif of flower vendor, shakudō, katachibori, gold iroe accents.

The motif is that of a young girl with her hair tied to a topknot, carrying a basket full of
chrysanthemums on her back, and having a short break. The gold and shakudō are contrasting
each other, with the gold iroe taking up almost half of the menuki. The mesh of the basket is
delicately carved, and upon closer inspection, one can even see the individual chrysanthemums
in the basket. The cane appears to be a little short, but underlines the heavy weight of the basket.
This pair of menuki is of a very refined interpretation and attributed to Waki-Gotō. The menuki
are large and will therefore also show to advantage when mounted and partially covered by a
tsukamaki. The work dates to the mid-Edo period and comes in a high-quality box.

Condition is excellent and there is a pillow in the box.  Now $450.