Q180. Elaborate Kotsuka, Saint & Chinese Children


Q180.  Crowded kotsuka.  1.5 x 9.8 cm.  This comes in a fitted box with hakogaki, on both the lid and side.  Markus Sesko translated for me:

Q180 Lid and side of box:
Jōmono kozuka
Teizen seija karako no zu
High-quality kozuka
Motif of saint and Chinese children in garden
Q180 Tag:
Teizen seija karako
saizu meisaku
Fine masterwork depicting saint and Chinese children in garden.

The base plate is fine shakudo nanako mounted in a gold case; the scene is inlaid in gold, silver, & shakudo.  There are shallow dents in the sides and back of the case and there is a slight bend in the whole piece (maybe 1 mm).  $175.

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Sold Out