K168. Iron Sukashi Tsuba, Owari with Paper


K168.  Iron sukashi tsuba with chrysanthemum.  8.1 x 8.2 x .5 cm.  The nakago hitsu-ana is .8 x 2.8 cm.  I find this to be an interesting take on a chrysanthemum design; the leaves at the bottom serve as a base for the flower rising above.  The dew drops are a nice touch also.  The tsuba comes with a paper giving it to Owari.  The former owner has provided the translation.

kantei-sho (鑑定書) – Appraisal No. 216187
tsuba (鍔) kikka-sukashi (菊花透) – chrysanthemum sukashi
kiwame Owari (kôdai) (極尾張) (後代) – attributed to Owari (later generation)
mumei (無銘), tetsu-ji (鉄地) –unsigned, iron
jidai (時代) Edo-kôki (江戸後期) –time of production, late Edo
thickness at seppa-dai 5 mm, thickness at rim 4.5 mm
height 82 mm, width 81 mm
Sunpyô (寸評) – Brief Review
Like Kyô-sukashi, there are quite many masterly Owari-sukashi tsuba extant from around the Momoyama period. This tsuba is of an excellently forged iron and shows a skillfully combined openwork design of chrysanthemum petals and leaves. The tsuba is somewhat thinner around its center and faithfully preserves the characteristic features of Owari-tsuba.
Uki no tôri kantei-suru (右記の通り鑑定する) – Above the summary of our appraisal.
January 31st 2017
Nihon Tôsôgu Kenkyû Kai (日本刀装具研究会)

Except for one small area of old corrosion (see the 3rd from last photo), condition is excellent.. $345.

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Sold Out