J142. Iron Tsuba by Myochin Munesuke with Hirada School Cloisonne


J142.  Iron tsuba with Hirata School gold wire Cloisonne’ signed Toto Kanda no Ju Myochin Ke Munesuke, Namban Tetsu O Motte Tori Nigatsu Kore O Tsukuru (made of foreigh iron in the 2nd month of the year of the rooster).  7 x 7.5 x .4 cm.  The nakago hitsu-ana is .8 x 2.6 cm.  Cloisonne’ cranes wheel in the air above rough water.

This tsuba came out of the Edward Wrangham colllection and was sold at Bonhams.  When a Myochin armorer made a suit of armor for a customer, it was customary for the customer to be given a gift in return for the commission; it is quite likely that this tsuba was such a gift.  There is little doubt that the cloissone’ is Hirata School work.  The carving and hammer work are excellent, the cranes are 100% intact, condition is mint: this one is special.

This comes in a box with pillow.  $2,495.

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Sold Out