S143. Sonin Level Civil & Diplomatic Sword, Plimpton Collection


S143.  John Plimpton put together an amazing collection of Japanese civil and diplomatic swords; here is another example. The page in the soon to be published book (see my 2nd & 3rd pictures) on the collection lists this as Court 1873 Civil & Diplomatic Type 6 (Meiji 6) Sonin Level. Gilt soft metal fittings, a lacquered leather scabbard cover, and a steel blade that was never nickel plated. The blade, diamond shape cross section, from tip back to the handle is 24 1/4″ (61.5 cm) and the overall length of the sword is 32 1/2″ (82.7 cm).

Other than minor loss to the gilding, the metal fittings are in mint condition. The scabbard leather appears to have been repaired: red spots where perhaps the leather was abraded but otherwise intact. There is light staining on the blade but no active rust and no pitting (there is one pin prick pore but this was likely with the blade from day 1).

Publication of the book is expected to occur early in 2022. It will be huge, beautiful, and should sell well. Here is your chance to own a sword from the Plimpton collection and book. 1 pound, 6 ounces.  $1,200.

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Sold Out