S141. Papered Wakizashi signed Kozuke no Kami Kanesada, Namban Tetsu


S141. Wakizashi signed Kozuke no Kami Kanesada and on the ura: Motte Namban Tetsu Kore wo Saku (made with Southern Barbarian (foreign) steel).

Nagasa: 22 3/4″ 57.7 cm.

Sori: 1.6 cm.

Moto haba: 3 cm.

Moto kasane: .6 cm.

Saki haba: 1.9 cm.

Saki kasane: .4 cm.

Nakago nagasa: 6″ 15.3 cm.

Overall in shira-saya: 34″ 86 cm.

Shinogi zukuri, iore mune, chu kissaki, koshi zori, very slightly machi okuri, otherwise ubu 1 hole. The hada is a tight ko-itame. The hamon is a notare with o-choji (reaching nearly to the shinogi), all with strong sunagashi that, for the most part, closes off the bottoms of the choji, frequent ashi, and yo. The hamon is a bright and consistent nioi guchi covered in sparkling ko-nie. The boshi is gentle notare with o-maru and a short kaeri. There are a ware’ in the shinogi-ji of the omote, right above the habaki (see my picture with the red O) and a couple pinprick pits to mention; otherwise the blade is flawless and in polish. It is mounted with a shakudo habaki and in well made shira-saya in fine condition (on one side of the shira-saya there is a faint stain from a label and on the other side a former owner’s name is hot stamped). There are 2 papers from the NBTHK: Kicho dated 1966 and Tokubetsu Kicho dated 1974.

Kozuke no Kami Kanesada is listed as having worked in Echizen Province in the 2nd half of the 17th century; he had also the Kazusa no Kami title. He is listed in the book Keiho Kenjaku by Yamada Asaemon (official sword testing family) as a smith with Wazamono or better rating. Very nice wakizashi at a reasonable price; I think you’ll be pleased. 2 pounds, 2 ounces.

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