S134. Wakizashi Signed Hakushu Ju Ohara Sanemori


S134. Wakizashi in shira-saya, signed Hakushu Ju Ohara Sanemori.

Nagasa: 20 3/4″ 52.6 cm.

Sori: 1.4 cm.

Moto haba: 3 cm.

Moto Kasane: .6 cm.

Saki haba: 2.1 cm.

Saki kasane: .45 cm.

Nakago nagasa: 14 cm.

Overall in shira-saya: 29 5/8″ 75 cm

Itame and mokume hada with chikei. The hamon is gunome in nioi with ko-nei as sunagashi cutting through the peaks of the hamon and joining across the valleys as kin suji. In the mono-uchi there are isolated spots of temper at the tops of the peaks. The boshi (devilishly difficult to photograph) undulates, ends in o-maru, and there is a medium length kaeri. There is one instance of a small tate-ware’ a third of the way up the blade (my last picture is the best I can show of this) and a tiny spot just above the machi, both on the ura side. The blade is in polish and is mounted with a quite nice 2 piece habaki in gold and silver foil. There is one are of shallow denting on the shira-saya, which is otherwise in excellent condition and competently made (looks to be Japanese work). This will come with a 3 page record sheet, which I believe the former owner received from the merchant he bought it from.

The Ohara School got its start very early in Nihonto and lasted till the end of Koto. Best I can tell, this Sanemori worked in the early 16th century. Nice sword; I think you’ll be pleased. 1 pound, 12 ounces. $980.

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