S124. Sankaku Yari signed Shimosaka with paper


S124. Sankaku (3 sided) yari signed Shimosaka.

Nagasa: 9 3/4″ 25 cm cutting edge

Moto Haba: 2.5 cm.

Nakago Nagasa: 13 3/8″ 33.8 cm.

Length of blade back to the nakago: 11″ 27.7 cm.

Overall length in shirasaya: 30 1/2″ 77 cm.

The hada is masame (of course, always that way on yari) and the hamon is a bright and soft nioi deki with just a hint of ko-nie. The full length oshigata that is included with the sword will do a better job of describing the hamon than I can. The blade is flawless and in polish (good quality Japanese polish, I believe) and mounted in well made shirasaya (which shows light traces of having been taped at one time, although now it is perfectly intact). This comes with a Hozon paper issued in 2015 by the NBTHK in Tokyo. The oshigata comes with a scroll but it isn’t attached to the scroll and I think that’s for the best. The scroll is nothing special and the green color shows through the oshigata paper. This deserves to be mounted to a more appropriate scroll or matted and framed. A purple sword bag is included also.

Quite the bargain here. When you consider the cost of polish and paper you’re not paying all that much for a fine, old yari. 1 pound, 10 ounces. $2,075.


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Sold Out