S121. Wakizashi by Mutsu Daijo Miyoshi nagamichi


S121. Suriage wakizashi signed Mutsu Daijo Miyoshi, and Nagamichi has been lost to the shortening.

Nagasa: 23 3/4″ 60.3 cm.

Sori: .6 cm.

Moto haba: 3 cm.

Saki haba: 2 cm.

Moto kasane: .7 cm.

Saki kasane: .5 cm.

Nakago nagasa: 18.6 cm.

Overall length in shira-saya: 34 1/8″ 87 cm.

Hada: ko itame with strong masame in the shinogi ji.

Hamon: notare with small gunome worked with a very bright nioi-guchi covered in nie and ara-nie as numerous sunagashi, some of which extends above the hamon in activity resembling kinsuji.

Boshi: ko-maru, strongly swept and almost covering the kissaki, with a long return.

Mutsu Miyoshi Nagamichi worked in Kanbun (2nd half of the 17th century). There is speculation that he was a student of Tsuda Sukehiro and also that he studied with Kotetsu (he is often called Aizu Kotetsu). Saijo Owazamono, Jo Saku, and 60 points in Hawleys.

With the exception of one tight forging line below the kissaki in the shinogi ji on the ura, this blade is flawless and in polish. Mounted with a silver foil habaki, in shira-saya that is 100% intact, and a sword bag. Comes with a paper issued in 1983 at shinsa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, judging the blade to be “Very good” and “Authentic”, and signed by Fukunaga Suiken, Shibata Mitsuo, and John Yumoto. If this were an ubu wakizashi by Nagamichi the price would be at least double what it is; the suriage makes this a bargain price on a very beautiful blade. 2 pounds, 7 ounces. $2,200.

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