S115. Tanto with paper to Chikuzen Ryokai School


S115. O-suriage, hira zukuri tanto in shirasaya with sayagaki to Kaneyoshi and a paper to Chikuzen Ryokai School.

Nagasa: 11 5/16″ 28.8 cm.

Sori: 3 mm.

Moto Haba: 15/16″ 2.3 cm.

Moto kasane: 3 mm.

Overall length: 16 1/8″ 41 cm.

The mune is iore, the yasurime are sujikai, there are gomabashi hi (on the nakago) and a Bonji on the omote and bo hi ni soe hi (on the nakago) on the ura. Hoso suguba in ko-nie with a ko-maru boshi and medium length kaeri, itame hada with a bit of ko mokume, There is a wide band of bo-utsuri. I don’t know who did the sayagaki but it refers to Zenjo Kaneyoshi. The paper to Chikuzen Ryokai School, mid Muromachi, was issued in 1997 by the NTHK. The habaki is gold foil and quite nice.

If it weren’t for a scuff on the omote under the boshi the blade would be in polish. There are no defects to warn you of and the blade isn’t tired. Given the condition, age, and the fact that neither attribution is anything to be ashamed of, I think this is a fine tanto at a very attractive price. 12 ounces. $1,900.

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