S107. Signed Pillow Yari in Shira-saya


S107.  Pillow yari signed Choshu no Ju Nio Kiyokage.

Nagasa (from tip back to tsuka):  7″ (17.7 cm)

Nakago nagasa:  8 3/8″ (21.3 cm)

Overall length in mounts:  34″ (86.5 cm)

Pillow yari because it is kept at the side of the bed for defense at night.  Kiyokage is listed in Hawley’s as working in Nagato around 1716.  There are some light smudges/stains on the polish but absolutely no pitting, cracks, blisters, openings, anything even close to being a defect. The shirasaya is upper end: nicely done with horn at either end of the tsuka and at the mekugi ana, and in excellent condition.  The nakago fits a little bit loose in the tsuka but the mekugi snugs it up well.  The saya fits properly.  All in all, a very nice package at the price.

13 ounces.  $795.

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Sold Out