S106. Jumonji Yari


S106.  Jumonji Yari.  This is smaller than what I think of as average for these yari.  The nagasa is 17.7 cm (6 15/16″).  The tines are 12.6 cm (4 3/4″) across.  The nakago is 34.8 cm (13 11/16″) long.  Overall length is 52.5 cm (20 5/8″).  A small yari is called “pillow yari”.  Maybe this is a pillow jumonji yari.

The yari is unsigned.  The hamon is suguba (of course) with lots of fine activity.  The yari is out of polish and I can’t see the hada, but it will be masame.  There is one fine ware’ on a side piece, about 1.5 cm long, see my picture 5.  I don’t know how invisible this would be after a proper polish.  Otherwise, I see no pits, cracks, blisters, openings, or any other defects; this should polish well.  The yari comes with a pole that doesn’t fit: the nakago doesn’t go all the way in the pole and the mekugi ana don’t line up.  This needs polish and shirasaya (and it will be sweet).

1 pound.  $650

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Sold Out