Q795. Ensuite Katana Koshirae: Possibly Higo, Sweet


Q795. Katana koshirae: no blade, just the mounts. Overall length is 39 1/4″ (100 cm).  The nagasa of the professionally made tsunagi is 27 5/8″ (70 cm).

The saya is black lacquer with horn at the koi-guchi and kurikata. The kojiri, tsuba, and fuchi/kashira are all ensuite, made by the same hand. The tsuba is copper, 6.8 x 7.3 cm, with gold and shakudo inlay of peonies and butterflies. There is a shakudo fukurin that has been carved to loook lke tekkotsu (nice touch). Copper, gold, & shakudo peonies & butterflies on the kojiri and fuchi/kashira also. The menuki are gold (most likely plated) of flowers. The handle wrap is perfectly intact. Condition of everything here is excellent, like new.

The collector I got this from says the work is Higo; I won’t argue with someone who knows more than me.

If you are one of those collectors who want to have koshirae made for your sword in shirasaya, you can spend lots of money for the parts, a lot more for the craftsman to build the saya and tsuka, and wait a few years for all to fall in place. Or, you can buy an existing koshirae to display next to your sword (which is best left in its shirasaya anyway), save gobs of money, and have it next week. Just suggesting. 2 pounds. $1,575.