K8. Tanto Papered to Seki Kanetsune


K8 Mumei tanto with 2 papers.

Nagasa: 11 7/16″ 28.9 cm.

Sori: .2 cm.

Moto haba: 2.7 cm.

Moto kasane: .6 cm.

Nakago nagasa: 4 1/4″ 10.7 cm.

Overall in saya: 18″ 46 cm.

Densely forged itame mixed with mokume. There is a bright nioi guchi covered in ko-nie in midare gunome with sunagashi. The boshi is midare with a long kaeri. There is a bo hi on each side. This tanto is healthy and flawless. Except for a few very faint scratches the blade is in polish. Mounted in well made shira-saya with a silver foil habaki.

This tanto comes with 2 papers: NBTHK Kicho dated 1974 giving this to Seki Kanetsune and an NBTHK Hozon dated 2009 giving this to something Seki.

Priced at less than the cost of polish. 13 ounces. $995.

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Sold Out