K63. Fine Katana Koshirae, Wonderful Piece


K63.  Katana koshirae mounted with tsunagi and wooden habaki.

Overall length:  39″  98 cm.  The nagasa of the tsunagi is 27 7/8″.

The tsuba (7 x 7.4 x .3 cm) is iron with extensive gold zogan of tiny pines and a gilt mimi.  There is a gold fukurin in one hitsu-ana and the other is plugged with shakudo and lined in gold.  The gold is perfectly intact on the front and back and maybe 80 to 90% intact on the mimi.  The fuchi & kashira are unsigned in shakudo of very fine nanako.  5 shishi in shakudo and gold cavort on the fuchi.  I count 2 gold and shakudo shishi, a gold and shakudo horse, and a gold rabbit on the kashira.  The menuki are shishi of gold.  I can’t say for certain that these are solid gold, not when they are under the wrap, but they look as if they might be.  I’m pricing this at gold wash or plated menuki; if they turn out solid you did well.

The saya is black lacquer with alternating stripes of matte and polish.  There is some abrasion to the lacquer, which makes it look in spots somewhat faded.  There is also an area below the kurikata on the bottom of the saya where lacquer is missing and the wood has been colored black to blend in.  The koi guchi, kurikata, and ko jiri are of horn.  The saya isn’t split.

All are held together by what appears to be a professionally made tsunagi with a wood habaki and 2 gold foil seppa.  The same’ is good quality (large nodules) and the tsuka-ito is in perfect condition.  All in all, this is quite fine; I think you’ll be pleased.  1 pound, 4 ounces.  $1,250.

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Sold Out