J143. Namban Koshirae with Paper


J143.  Namban koshirae with paper.  There are lots of Namban tsuba around; wonder why the other pieces of kodogu in this style are so scarce.  The saya is lacquered with a stylized water dragon (at least that’s what I think this is) and a horn koi-guchi and plain iron kojiri.  The tsuba is dragons and the jewel in iron with gold highlights and a brass fukurin.  The fuchi kashira are iron with boldly carved dragons, also with gold.  Somewhat unusual is the separate brass plates at the top of the fuchi and bottom of the kashira.  The menuki are dragons around ritual ken.  The kotsuka is copper and the kogatana has seen better days.  All are mounted with a well made tsunagi and wooden habaki.

This koshirae comes with a Tokubetsu Kicho paper from the NBTHK, dated 1978.  Sorry; I don’t know what the attribution has to say.  If someone cares to send it to me I’ll post it here.

Overall length is 29″  73.5 cm.  Condition is excellent: I’ve included a picture of the only area of dinged lacquer on the saya and all else is fine.  1 pound, 12 ounces.  1,250.

Sold Out

Sold Out