Sword Bags, plain single layer to fancy brocades


Sword bags: various lengths and fabrics, some for shira-saya (narrow) and others for blades with koshirae (wider), some single layer and others lined, some one color and others in brocade.  My pictures are a sampling of what I have.  I don’t know the fiber contents but I’m sure the brocades are synthetic silk.

Every sword needs a bag.  Bags protect against dust, sunlight fading, and if the sword is handled upside down, the blade can’t fall loose from the scabbard.

Only 6 brocade bags remain, 5 for katana and 1 for tanto.  They are priced at either $40 or $50.  Tell me what you want and give me the over all length of your sword; I’ll tell you what I have to fit and what it will cost.  $10 to $50.

Sold Out

Sold Out