Fine presentation Chawan in perfect condition


Chawan: tea bowl.  12.6 cm wide, 6.7 cm tall.  I don’t know enough about chawan (I know nothing) to tell you what type of glaze this is, about the clay body, or which tradition of potting this belongs in.  Here is what I do know.

This bowl comes wrapped in a yellow cloth with an inscription and in a wooden box with inscriptions on top and bottom.  According to the inscriptions, this was given to Kikuno Yamane (1905 – 1996), who was a dancer of Japanese Buyo, when she stopped in Hawaii on her return to Japan from a tour of France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Austria, and Spain.  The bowl was given by Takeuchi Masao on June 4, 1955.  The chawan is signed with a stamp but I have been unable to learn who the potter was (if you know please tell me).  This is a winter bowl with thin walls; it is quite light in the hand.  The chawan is marvelously well potted; it is special.

Conditions of the chawan and box are perfect, 100%, like new.  1 pound, 3 ounces.  $375.

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Sold Out