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Many of the items I sell on my site: books, swords, and fittings, come from personal collections. In the past I have helped many collectors, both in the US and overseas, find new homes for pieces that no longer suit their needs. I have helped also quite a few families, who, on the passing of someone close, find themselves with swords and books they don’t understand and of which they often have little knowledge of current value.

I am doing this, of course, to make a living but there is more to it than that. Those of us who collect Nihonto and books on the subject need to know there will be an honest market for the collections we leave behind, that our families will have someone who will tell them the truth about the items and their values. I have had the honor of helping families of men who mattered in our community with the dispersal of their fathers’ collections; I hope to do more.

If you have swords and fittings – one or a hundred – and/or books – one or a library – and you need to see them sold, feel free to contact me. I will do the best I can for you.

Grey Doffin

PO Box 114

Duluth, MN 55801

218-726-0395 in the US central time