B936. Individual Issues of Token Bijutsu, English Edition


B936.  Individual issues of “Toke Bijutsu” English Edition from the NBTHK (National Sword Museum) in Tokyo.  For years I have been buying all loose copies I find of the 59 total issues released before publication ceased.  My hope is to complete sets, which I have done in the past.  I have as many as 5 copies of some issues and will make them available to anyone hoping to complete his own set.  I don’t have all issues and there are some I have only one copy of and won’t sell.  Conditions are generally fine, with minor dings; if the copy you’ll be getting is worse I’ll let you know.  My base price per copy is $25 but some will be more (last 2 double issues, for example) and if you buy multiple issues I’ll cut you a deal.  Rather than listing all the numbers I have, you tell me what you need and I’ll tell you what I can do.

And if you have loose copies to sell, I want to hear from you.