B785. Chikuzen Samonji no Meito.


B785. Chikuzen Samonji no Meito by The Fukuyama Museum of Art and The National Sword Museum. 2018. Hardbound with dust jacket, 8 1/2 x 12″, 173 pages in Japanese with an introduction, articles, and list of plates in English. There are also introductory articles in English at the beginnings of each of the three chapters: The Earliest Chikuzen Smiths, Samonji Masterpieces, and The Samonji School. This is a beautiful book.

Chikuzen Samonji, otherwise known as O-Sa (Great Sa) is purported to have been one of the 10 students of Masamune.. His work has always been important, well worth such an impressive book. Included are crisp color photos of 47 blades by Sa, his forebears, and his students, and occasionally their koshirae, National Treasures and other high government designations, and three fold out full length photos (one side) and oshigata (other side). I’d better stop writing about this book; I may talk myself out of selling it.

This is the first and only copy I’ve ever had. Condition is excellent, like new. 2 pounds, 9 ounces. $195.

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