B697. The School of Tadayoshi by Roger Robertshaw


B697.   The School of Tadayoshi: Saga, Hizen, Japan 1598-1871 Gold Edition, by Roger Robertshaw.  1999.  Clothbound with cloth slipcase, 8 ½ x 12”, 214 pages in English.  This is copy 1200 of a limited edition of 200, and is inscribed by the author.

Copies of this book rarely are offered for sale; they are sold out and safely tucked away in personal libraries around the world.  I don’t think there exists a more thorough treatment of the subject, not even in Japanese.  Everything Hizen: all of the smiths, all of the generations, signatures and variants, history, fakes, flaws, carvings, even graves: everything.  And this is also a very beautiful book; a joy to hold.

The book is in excellent condition except for one detail: the leading edge of the slipcase and spine of the book are bleach spotted (see my 1st and last pictures). Otherwise all is wonderful.If this copy was in perfect condition I would ask $575.  3 pounds, 3 ounces.  $450.

Sold Out

Sold Out