B657. Kanzan Token Koza. All 6 Volumes


B657.  Kanzan Token Koza, many authors.  1980.  Clothbound in 6 volumes of a 6 volume set, with slipcases, 9 x 12 1/2″, about 2,000 pages total in Japanese.  This set was published after the death of and in tribute to Dr. Kanzan Sato, the foremost authority on Nihonto of the Shinto period.  The top authorities in Japan contributed to the effort. The 1st 4 volumes examine important swords of all the major smiths and schools of Shinto & Shinshinto, with very crisp photos and well done oshigata.  Volumes 5 and 6 cover kodogu and koshirae.

Also included with the set is a stapled, 51 page Table of Contents and Index in English.  This covers the 4 sword volumes.

The set, all 6 books, is in immaculate condition.  38 pounds.  $750.

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Sold Out