B365. The Oshigata Book by Fuller & Gregory


B365.  The Oshigata Book by Richard Fuller & Ron Gregory.  1985.  Softbound, 6 x 8 ¼”, 144 pages in English.  From a limited edition of 500 (and this one is marked 412 of 500).  This is probably the rarest of Fuller & Gregory’s books.  The subtitle reads, “Unusual, rare and interesting oshigata from Japanese sword blades of all periods with full English translations.”  The chapters are: Locations and Centers, Made to Secial Order, Metals and Methods, Miscellaneous (joint effort, shortened blade, titles), Sayings and Phrases, and Tameshigiri (Cutting Test).  And the book delivers what it promises.

A former owner’s stamp is inside the front cover; condition is excellent. This are rarely available; here’s your chance.

Condition is excellent.  7 ounces.  $150.