B1078. Xerox Copy of Dai Nihon Token Shoko Meikan


B1078. Dai Nihon Token Shoko Meikan, (The Great Japanese Sword Business Directory) a reprint of a WWII era publication,  This is a Xerox copy of a hardbound book, about 350 pages in Japanese.  The original of this book was published during the war as a list of swordsmiths and businesses involved with making swords for the war effort.  Jinsoo Kim had just 40 copies of a reprint made; needless to say the book is rare.  The chapters are: Index of Descriptions, Oshigata Index, The List of All Japan Sword Dealers and Manufacturers, and Index of Advertisers.  The book includes many photos and oshigata.  Apparently some smiths who are recorded nowhere else are included.  I have a digital copy of an English index to the book; remind me to send it to you.

Again, you will get a Xerox copy in clip binding, not the original nor the reprint. I’ve never seen the original; when I had a copy of the reprint I sold it at $275. Condition is as expected for a Xerox copy.  2 pounds. $50.