B1074. Job Lots of Books and Papers

B1074. I have recently taken in a large library of books and misc. paper, including a lot of items I don’t want to list one at a time. I’ve divided these into 8 lots. I’ll give you a picture or 2, a very brief description, and a silly low price for each lot. You let me know which lots you want and I’ll get back to you with a total including post. As the lots sell I’ll either erase them or mark them Sold.

Lot 1. 8 thin softbound books and 14 smaller, also softbound, monographs by Hawley. 13 ounces. SOLD.

Lot 2. Rich Stein’s Japanese Sword Guide (available online) printed and bound in a ring binder. Hundreds of pages of everything Japanese sword. This comes with a CD. 4 pounds. SOLD.

Lot 3. A Xerox copy of Gendai Toko Meikan and partial translation for each smith listed. Also copies of Shinsakuto (newly made swords) and another ring bound book titled Gendai Swordsmiths. 3 pounds, 10 ounces.  $25.

Lot 4. Sales catalogs from Sotheby’s, Coleman & Quirt, Nihonto LTD. Japanese dealers, and a copy of a hardbound book: Tsuba Nyumon. 9 pounds, 6 ounces. $20.

Lot 5. Books: Hyaku Ken Kyakusho with English index, Wakizashi no Miroku with English index, The Book of the Sword, History and Development of the Japanese Sword, Study of Japanese Sword Blades, Japanese Sword Blades by Dobree, Tsuba Nyumon, Shimban Tosho Zenshu, Token Bijutsu from November of 1974, Yokoyama Bizen To, Minamoto Kiyomaro (Xerox copy of a book), Afu Quarterly, The Tsuba by Murtha, A Book of 5 Swords and a Scroll by Carman, a Xerox of Haynes auction catalogs 3, 4, & 5, and more. 16 pounds, 10 ounces. $40.

Lot 6. Printouts of Sword Forum Online, a few Sho-Shin newsletters, Outlines for the study of Far Eastern Art: China & Japan by The Freer Museum, and more. 6 pounds, 14 ounces. $10.

Lot 7. Clip bound printouts of World Swords (swords from all over), another titled Samurai Archive (everything Samurai), and 2 large clip bound volumes titled Japanese Sword www I and www II (prints from the web). 13 pounds, 8 ounces. $10.

Lot 8. To Ron (newsletter) from the Northern California Japanese Sword Club: 2001 to 2005 clip bound and 18 loose issues, a newsletter from The Token Society of Great Britain (#5 1992), Southern California Sword Society newsletters, and 7 issues of Nanka Juken Kai Newsletter: December 1989 to July 1990. 15 pounds, 4 ounces. $40.