B100. Yushuto Zuroku Volume 1 with Translation


B100.  Yushu To Zuroku Volume 1 by NTHK and Yoshikawa Koen.  1979.  Clothbound in slipcase, 8 ½ x 12”, 300 pages in Japanese with a list of plates and introduction in English.  150 swords that were awarded Yushu level papers by the NTHK are presented in crisp oshigata and a few photos.  This was the first of 3 catalogs of Yushu level swords that were published during Mr. Yoshikawa’s lifetime.  I find this book useful especially because many of the swords included are by smiths who don’t make it into other references: great pieces by a less than famous smiths rather than yet another work by Masamune.  This title is included in the Index of Japanese Sword Literature on the JSS/US website.

Also included is a complete translation into English: softbound, 7 x 10″, maybe 100 pages (see B287 for a copy of this book without a translation).  Both books are in excellent condition.  5 pounds, 3 ounces.  Now $195.