B751. Nihonto Taikan, 6 of 7 Volumes


B751. Nihonto Taikan by Dr.s Homma and Sato and others.  1965-70.  6 volumes of a 7 volume set, each is clothbound with slipcase, 10 1/2 x 14 1/2″, thousands of pages total in Japanese.  This is the greatest of all books on Nihonto, the most thorough and massive of all.  You get Koto #s 1 and 3 (Koto 2 is missing), 2 volumes on Shinto, and one each on Kodogu and Koshirae.  Sharp photos in color and black & white and excellent oshigata, many fold out spreads in the Koshirae volume, the most important swords and highest quality fittings: nothing but the best.  Beautiful book.  The sword volumes are included in the Index of Japanese Sword Literature on the JSS/US website; there is an index of the contents.

My 1st picture, of the 6 volumes side by side, are the books you will be buying. The rest of my pictures were taken from a complete set I sold earlier and may include some form the missing Koto volume. A couple of the slipcases are in great shape; the rest are dinged and split a bit but still do well to protect the books. The books are all in very good to excellent condition. Due to the weight of the 6 books, these will be shipped in 2 boxes and will be expensive shipping outside the US (not bad at all in the US). The last time I sold the complete set it was priced at $2,400. I’ve sold the kodogu volume alone for $400. This set is a bargain. 58 pounds, 13 ounces. Now $650.