B876. Tsuba Geijutsuko by Dr. Torigoye, Translation Available


B876.  Tsuba Geijutsu-ko by Torigoye Kazutaro.  1960.  Clothbound 2 volumes in slipcase, 8 1/2 x 11 3/4″.  One of the volumes is 222 heavy stock pages, each page is printed one side only with crisp black & white photos of great tsuba.  The other volume is mostly text with some photos and drawings, 144 pages in Japanese.  Mr. Torigoye was the authority on tsuba of the 20th century.  Great reference, great book.

This book has been translated and it is available for $25 from the Northern California group: Tsuba: An Aesthetic Study by Kazutaro Torigoye and Robert Haynes, from the Tsuba Geijutsu-ko of Kazutaro Torigoye.  2000.  Softbound, 8 1/2 x 11″, 282 pages in English.  This book contains all the information of the Japanese volumes, with additions and editing by Robert Haynes.  As such it isn’t a straight translation; it is better.  This book has pictures from the Japanese book but they are quite grainy.  Best to have both books. If you buy the Japanese book remind me to send you a link for the translation.

Excellent condition.  This book is with a trusted consignor in the US; he will ship and my usual guarantee applies. 7 pounds.  Was $250, now $195.