B823. Tsuba Kanshoki by Torigoye, 1975


B823.  Tsuba Kanshoki by Torigoye Kazutaro.  1975.  Clothbound with slipcase and cardboard storage box, 8 ¾ x 12 ¼”, 555 pages in Japanese and each piece illustrated has a short description in English.  From a limited edition.  There is a 5 page foldout chart at the back of the book showing relationships between the artists and schools.  This is the bible of iron tsuba; if you’re serious about tsuba you want this book.  Hundreds of fine pieces are shown in black & white.

This copy, which is in excellent condition, is with a trusted consignor in The US; he will ship to you and my usual guarantee applies.

I have a copy of the book here with me; it is a bit distressed. The slipcase is separating along corners at the top and bottom of the spine and along the top of the case part way (not a perfect slipcase but it still serves to protect the book). The spine of the book is sun faded and the book’s binding is a slight bit loose (no loose pages or broken binding; just a bit loose). A very good reading copy.

Normally I ask $400 for this book in good condition. The consignor wants to see it sold so he has asked for a price of $295. The distressed copy can be had for $250. Let me know which copy you want. 7 pounds, 10 ounces.  $295.