B444. Japanese Art Series: Sword, with 2 Important Autographs


B444. Japanese Art Series: Sword  Edited by The National Museum.  1948.  Hardbound, 5 x 7 1/2″, 72 pages in English.  This is a simple book, aimed at the beginner.  A few illutrations, a few fold out pages with charts: not a lot to get excited about.

And then there are those 2 signatures.  Homma Junji: one of the 2 founders of the NBTHK and The National Sword Museum.  Colonel Cadwell: the US Army officer who was most instrumental in saving the Samurai Sword from destruction after WWII.  Col. Cadwell’s signature is on the page on which his name is mentioned for this acomplishment.  Near as I can remember, I’ve never before had either signature on a book (possibly Dr. Homma in Japanese but not in Romaji).

Condition is excellent.  5 ounces.  $50.

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