B1053. Nobuiye Tsuba Kantei Hikkei with supplements


B1053.  Nobuiye Tsuba Kantei Hikkei by Matsuzawa Senbo, with 3 supplements and complete translation.  1980.  Softbound, 7 x 10 1/4″, 110 to 120 pages total in Japanese (the translation is in English).  This book has come to me from a long time consignor to my site; here is what he told me about it.  This was self published by the author in a very limited edition.  After initial publication there were 3 supplements, which have been pasted into the back of the book (this is a complete set).  The translation was done by Markus Sesko: a private effort for 4 collectors in the west.  This book almost never comes available; this copy is the 1st I’ve ever seen and only the 2nd copy for the consignor in 10 years of searching.

The subject, of course, is the great master Nobuiye: his work, different generations, and much more.  If you study Nobuiye you want this book and this copy may be your only chance to own one; no idea where I’d find another.

Condition is excellent: read but not abused.  14 ounces.  $425.

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