B427. Yushuto Zuroku IV by NTHK NPO


B427.  Yushuto Zuroku by NTHK NPO.  2015.  Clothbound with slipcase, 8 1/2 x 12″, 255 pages in Japanese with a list of plates in English.  Yushu Saku is the NTHK’s equivalent of Juyo Token from the NBTHK.  3 volumes of this book were printed while the group’s founder, Yoshikawa Koen, was alive; this is the 1st to be printed since.  123 great blades are shown in crisp black & white photography. This book is included in the Index of Japanese Sword Literature on the JSS/US website; there is an index of its contents.

These 4 volumes are 1st class references, both for the quality of production and for the fact that they contain swords by smiths who often don’t make it into other books.  I currently have all 4; check them out please.

The book is new, perfect condition.  3 pounds 13 ounces.  Was $140, now $95.

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Sold Out