C169. Nihonto Taikan Tsuba Kodogu Hen


C169.  Nihonto Taikan: Tsuba Kodogu Hen by Akimoto.  1972.  Clothbound with slipcase and original cardboard storage box, 10 ¼ x 14 ¼”, 610 pages in Japanese.  1 volume from a 7 volume set; the set is the ultimate in Nihonto books (and quite valuable); this volume covers tsuba, kotsuka, kogai, and menuki, and includes only the best.  675 pieces are shown life size in black & white and color photos.  This is a very impressive book.

This book is with a friend and frequent consignor to my site.  He will ship from the US and all my usual guarantees apply.

The book is in excellent, like new condition (you will be pleased.  12 pounds, 8 ounces.  $400.